Dr. Rita JamesHello my dear friends,

My name is Dr. Rita James. Previously, I worked as a cosmetologist for 11 years. I enjoy helping others take the proper steps toward skin care.

In my time working with patients, I have come to know what skin care products can do to the skin. The chemicals within these products can be much more harmful than the blemishes the user of these products is facing. Even though they promise to provide the perfect recipes for face masks, they can actually cause break outs, irritations, rashes, and a wealth of other problems.

Therefore, I decided to start facemasksrecipes.org because I wish to help men and women who are seeking a solution to skin problems, whether they are irritations, signs of aging, dryness, or any other issues. Recipes for face masks should always contain natural and organic ingredients, which is why I want to provide more education on effective skin care. This includes the proper ingredients to use for homemade facials, how to treat skin issues, and what to avoid when cleansing the facial skin.

Not only will I be discussing recipes for face masks, but I will also provide you with informative reviews of the top organic and natural skincare products on the market today as well as the latest news in the beauty and skincare industries. You will gain knowledge in the proper methods for cleansing the face and keeping away wrinkles, rashes, and other problems.

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I sincerely hope that the readers of this website will find the information helpful. I have seen what harsh chemicals can do to the skin, and wish to inform others on the negative effects of these products. I also hope to provide a better way to care for the skin with my recipes for face masks so that you can have the beautiful skin you desire.

If you ever have questions, need any further advice, or want to leave a comment, feel free to contact me.

Dr. Rita James